Journalism in Goa, India – B.A. in Journalism

Consultancy service rendered to ICG for GALF 2018

The Departments of Journalism and Mass Communication of St. Xavier’s College carried out consultancy
service for the 9th edition of Goa Art & Literature festival held at International Centre Goa on 7th and 8th
December, 2018. As part of the work, departments took up photography and Video filming for the
sessions held on both the days during the festival. Besides teachers, students of both the departments
also conducted 21 video interviews of the eminent delegates from the field of art and literature.



Media Tour in ‘The City of Nawabs’

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Hyderabad, one of the leading smart cities with much scope for media and technological aspects accepted us fine and welcomed us at early in the morning on the 12th of November.

After the mind twitching rail travel, our job had to be done at the Pragathi Printing Press, one of the most reputed and the world’s leading printing press. Madhav, one of the employees, took us around for a tour through the three levels of production base they maintain for efficient and fast work. These three levels included pre-press, post press and packaging. Pragati Printing Press, swing by globally too as they serve a lot of salient international clients on an everyday basis.

2D, 3D, Offset printing is their fundamental menu threading printing for commercial purposes only. The different steps involved in this process were shown to us with gallons of patience. The machines and the ink are being directly exported from Hong Kong, China and other countries as well.

The next day, was set in Ramoji Film City which boasts about being the largest studio complex in the world. The students learnt various aspects of film making right from using the green screen to syncing sound and imagery together. The highlight was getting to visit the city from ‘Bahubali’ which brought a lot of memories to life. The day however, was a mixture of learning and games and one that everyone definitely enjoyed.

The following day being the last day, we took out bus to ‘Nutshell Advertising’ a start-up that has grown over the years and are advertising for leading companies in Hyderabad. The friendly office atmosphere and the cheerful people were inviting. The creative head gave us a brief about the company and informed about the importance of visual advertising in today’s world.

After learning the various aspects of creating impactful ads, the students were asked to work on an ad for a hotel named ‘Xavier’s’ and they came up with brilliant concepts before they left with an enriching experience from the ‘City of Nawabs’.


Looks don’t matter; voice does: Shamir Deniz

Creative and Technical Head of CCR TV Shamir Deniz conducted a workshop on TV Anchoring for SYBA Journalism students of St Xavier’s College on October 10, 2018.

Busting the myth that physical appearance is essential to be an anchor, Deniz said a strong voice is paramount, along with good diction, pace, ability to ad-lib, and knowledge of news. Relating various incidents from his professional career, Deniz added that anchors must be able to stay composed and cover up any mistakes that may occur. To give students insight into a day in the life of an anchor, Deniz played an explanatory video, and concluded the workshop with tips on how to make a video résumé.

Mass Communication and Journalism faculty conduct Career Guidance session

Mr Dinesh Nirawdekar and Ms Claudia D’souza, faculty members from the departments of Mass Communication and Journalism delivered a lecture on ‘Career Guidance’ to the students of the 10th standard at Government Technical High School Centre, Panjim Goa on the 10th of July 2018. The lecture was purely to help the students in decision making for their HSS studies and also to make them understand the varied courses available post 10th Std. A brief understanding of Media courses offered at St. Xavier’s College was also given by the resource persons as the students showed an inclination towards media courses. The session ended with a Q&A session where students were answered to their satisfaction.

Eeshan Usapkar conducts an interactive session on Cyber crimes

Advocate Eeshan Usapkar conducted an interactive session on Cyber laws and crimes for the students from the Department of Journalism of St. Xavier’s College, on October 1, 2018.
Adv. Eeshan started practising law in 2015 which has helped him gain knowledge about cyber crimes and laws as well. He started off the lecture by giving the students a talk on cybercrime and some of the do’s and don’ts on the internet.
He further proceeded to demonstrate some of the ways of hacking phones and social media accounts. He did this by using his own phone to make automated calls and send messages to another person. The demonstration showed how one no one is safe on the internet.
He ended the session by giving the students a few tips on how to keep their social media accounts safe from hackers. The one hour lecture ended with him talking about his own experience with hackers and hacking.

Avengers: Infinity War screened by Cell for Visual Arts

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The Cell for Visual Arts organized their second event which was a movie screening of a recent Hollywood blockbuster, “Avengers: Infinity War” which was held on 25th August 2018. There was a good response from the students and faculty. After the screening, an interactive session was held to review and discuss the storyline, possibilities and expectations for its sequel. The animated discussion was moderated by Mr. Shonan Gonsalves.


Masters program is ‘safety net’: Svetlana Pereira

Anxiety and uncertainty have always been a part of student college life. But it gets even more intense when students are on the threshold of the final year of college life. ‘Should I pursue my higher studies?’ or ‘Should I take a break and work?’ These are some questions that trouble the final year students as they plan, what next after Third Year?

The Department of Mass Communication and Department of Journalism organised an interactive session with Ms Svetlana Pereira on 10th September 2018. Svetlana Pereira — a former student of Department of Journalism at St. Xavier’s College is currently pursuing her Master’s at Westminster University, London.

Svetlana explained the student the pros and cons of pursuing a master’s program be it in India or abroad. She firmly asserted that masters program in India or abroad is ‘safety net’ and hence everyone must pursue their Masters. During the interactive session, she also explained the process of applying for foreign universities and their requirements. She also highlighted the financial aspect of the studying abroad for both academics and personal expenditure. Sessions being interactive, students asked questions and clarified their doubts thus greatly benefiting themselves and being better informed than before.