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1000+ Runners participate in Xavierathon

Over 1000 athletes and fitness enthusiasts participated in Xavierathon 2012 – a 6km marathon organized by St. Xavier’s College Mapusa in association with SK Promotions, on the auspicious occasion of Goa Liberation Day.
St. Xavier’s College has organized this kind of an event for the first time as a part of their Golden Jubilee celebrations. The race was flagged-off by Ms. Alina Saldanha, Minister for Environment & Forest and also an alumna of the college. Earlier in her address to the participants, Ms. Saldanha urged the runners to overcome the six kilometre test. “This run will be a test of endurance, perseverance and focus. Overcome it and feel the sense of achievement and victory. It’s not about finishing first, but it’s more important to complete the race,” she stated.
The race flagged-off from the college premises. The runners followed a route that led them towards the Mapusa court, Remanso Hospital, Milagres Church and across the highway, straight to Fransalian Institute, Bastora which is the old campus of St. Xavier’s College. The route back was similar beside a small bifurcation near the Milagres Church.
Runners from all age groups participated with a lot of zeal as all the participants completed the race. The event and the public in general also witnessed a 78-year old woman Mrs. Maria Imelda De Souza, participate in the marathon and also completed the race. Similarly, a 4-year boy Sarthak Vijay Bhike also completed the race in style.
From among the numerous runners, Jeovito Fernandes of St. Xavier’s College completed the race first as he emerged champion in the men’s open category.
Winners in different categories:
Men’s Open Category:
1st Place: Jeovito Fernandes (St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa)
2nd Place: Ajay Vishwakarma (St. Anthony’s HS, Duler)
3rd Place: Anthony Carvalho (St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa)
Women’s Open Category:
1st Place: Prachita Naik (St. Xavier’s HSS)
2nd Place: Siddhi Chavan (St. Anthony’s HS, Duler)
3rd Place: Rosaria Rebello
School & HSS Boy’s Category:
1st Place: Mangesh Kadam (ITI Pernem)
2nd Place: Arun Gobicha (Sacred Heart HS, Parra)
School & HSS Girl’s Category:
1st Place: Geeta Mutugur (Sacred Heart HS, Parra)
2nd Place: Seema Karatta (Sacred Heart HS, Parra)
Oldest Runner
Mrs. Maria Imelda De Souza (Age: 78 years)
Mr. Bhiku Azgaonkar (Age: 63 years)
Youngest Runner
Sarthak Vijay Bhike (Age: 4 years, Divine Mercy HS)
The prize distribution ceremony was clubbed along with the flag hoisting ceremony in the college campus. Chief Guest alumnus of the college, Adv. Ramakant Khalap, Former Union Minister for Law & Judiciary hoisted the flag. On the occasion, students of the college put up various programmes like group song, street play, and monologue.
Adv. Khalap in his speech brought back his memories of the college and ignited students to be better citizens. “Use this institute as a platform to be better human beings who can serve the nation better,” he encouraged the students of the college.
Mr. Saif Ullah Khan, Councillor, Mormugao Municipal Council, Mr. Santosh Redkar, Social Worker and Mr. Vijay Bhike, treasurer of the Alumni Association of St. Xavier’s College, also graced the occasion with their presence.

Cultural Inaugural at St. Xavier’s College

By Carol D’Mello & Flexcia D’souza

St. Xavier’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mapusa, held its annual Cultural inaugural programme on Saturday in the college seminar hall. Archbishop Emeritus Raul Gonsalves was the chief guest for the programme. College alumnus Mr. Sandeep Jacques, Director, Municipal Administrations, was the guest of honour.

Principal of the college, Dr. (Fr.) Walter de Sa, in his address, welcomed the eminent personalities. “This is a proud moment and a moment of great joy as the college is celebrating its 50th year, the year of the Golden Jubilee,” Fr. Walter said in his opening speech. “There is no substitute to education. Education is the key instrument, and the only instrument of change. St. Xavier’s, going by its motto, formation for transformation, has since its inception tried to provide a holistic and value-based education to all those who enter into the portals of this institution of higher learning,” he added.

The programme was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp at the hands of the chief guest, guest of honour and newly appointed general secretary of the college.

Mr. Sandeep Jacques in his address to the students said, “I am proud to be a product of this institution and one should always set high goals and never give up. The youth are the building blocks of the state, and college is the place for them to be groomed. It is important to excel in academics but most important to be an all-rounder by being involved in co-curricular activities.

The college felicitated meritorious students, who secured distinction in the final year, at the hands of the chief guest and guest of honour. Appreciating the meritorious students, Archbishop Emeritus Raul Gonsalves said, “I congratulate the students for their excellence in academics. We should emulate the good students to perform better. Through my observation I have noticed the girls are more in number as compared to the boys. Hence, the boys should overcome or emulate the girls. None should go down, all should do better. One should value excellence, and intelligence has to go with character, use knowledge for the good of the society.”

The youthful students of the college put up a cultural programme that included an invocation dance, Marathi skit, mime, dance and choral piece. The stage performances were collectively presented by the various clubs and associations of the college.

Welcome to the New Academic Year!

By Varsha Nair, SYBA Journalism

After the summer break St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa is back in the groove of activities. This time round the activities are expected to have an extra dose of quality and enthusiasm as the college enters into its Golden Jubilee year. This historic moment will be marked and commemorated with a special programme on June 27, 2012.

Today, the First Year Bachelor of Arts (FYBA) students had an orientation programme in the college seminar hall. Rev. Dr. Walter De Sa, Principal of the college, welcomed the students and also a few parents those were in attendance. “Discipline and dedication is important and if you want a good future, you will have to work hard,” Fr. Walter said in his message to the students.

Later, the students were enlightened about the history of the college, the facilities and infrastructure that it provides. Various departments under BA introduced their course/subject/paper to the students and also enlightened them on the future prospects in the same field of study.

This year, there’s good news for Mass Communication and Journalism students. From this academic year onward, first year Mass Communication and Journalism students will not need to opt of other subjects besides the ones related to Mass Comm. & Journalism. BA in Mass Comm. & BA in Journalism are now full-fledged courses that offer papers right from the first year itself. The students do not have to take up other subjects from the regular elective group.

The college is also a home to numerous clubs and associations that are active round the year. Students are encouraged to be part of such clubs; associations and sports teams to ensure all-round growth of the students. 

Youth Today………

 By Jahnavi Samant, TYBA
There has always been a tussle between traditions and modernity and traditions have somehow managed to have an upper hand. The youth, more often than not, have been misunderstood by their elders, considered immature and inexperienced. The decisions and options are always debated when the youth have any inputs to offer. But what hangs about forgotten, is the power the youth have come to have have today; the power and the zeal to initiate revolutions, be it the future outcome of Anna’s fight against corruption or the simple result of our 2012 elections, it is the youth that will decide it all.
We embrace almost 38% of the country’s population. There is so much we can do and undo. How can we forget the change we made when we took the streets as our own in askance of the rights we were denied of? How can we forget the candles we lit in the protest of the Jessica Lal murder case? And how can we forget the agitation for Lokpal Bill, a connoted second fight for freedom that we were a part of?
The fact that we are considered the spine of our country is just a fact that remains obsolete. In a country where the 60+ politicians lie wasted and ruling, disdainful is the fact that the people who can really make a change are not given a stand at all. Gone are the days when Gandhi and Nehru called out to the youth to come and make a difference. Nothing seems to have changed.
The youth Nehru and Gandhi had called out to be in power, rule even today. But surprisingly, what they seem to have forgotten is that they aren’t the youth anymore. They have aged like you or me, no less.
The responsibility for change, progress and innovation lies on the youth today. We can make or break society. But in a country where a 40+ Rahul Gandhi is considered the ‘ voice of youth’ , the future is surely inchoate. All one can wish for is that the next time we go to vote, we find more names of youngsters who can make our country a better place to live in..

My Internship Experience!

By Flexcia D’Souza
‘What is most important is the knowledge of how to apply knowledge’. -Ron Young
How important this quote is for every educated individual who specializes in any field!. As I’m aspiring to become a journalist, I need to learn to apply the knowledge I gain from the books of journalism.
Our syllabus teaches us various things which form a strong base and in order to give us practical experience and as part of the syllabus, a group of Five of us where send to intern with Goa edition of ‘Times of India’.
‘The Times of India’ is one of the reputed newspaper  and I find myself privileged to have got a chance to intern with it. ., it provided us with the thrill and excitement of socialising with people, asking question, collecting information and writing a news-report or feature.
The first day I went there, I was amused by the office building, the infrastructure and the hardworking and efficient people who work over there continuously. It was an amazing feeling to sit and interact with the Chief editor and also have a conversation with senior journalists who work over there.
During our training we were taught about the nuances of feature writing, report writing and editing. In order to put our learning into practice we were sent to report various events, which later used to appear in the newspaper. We were also asked to write features on various topics. The feeling which one gets on seeing his/her byline on the newspaper is fabulous.
We were told the manner of writing a ‘good’ news story. A good news report starts with very important aspects of the story, i.e. the 5W & 1H and later on a description and a few quotes by influential and important people should be written.
Same rule is applied for features. We were asked to speak to various people of different sex, age groups, religions and social backgrounds, find out their opinion on a particular topic and write a feature. It was later edited and our mistakes were corrected.
Next we were taught editing. We were taught how to edit the important things, discard the unnecessary things, rearrange the story and write a precise story. We were asked to edit many reports so that we are through with our work.
We were taken to various departments and sections of the newspaper and briefed about the functioning of those departments and told about what work one has to do there.
We were taken on a field trip to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM to show the working of the radio station. We were also provided a chance to go on air for a few minutes.
Overall it was a very beneficial experience wherein we learned many things which will be very helpful for our career. Interning with such a prestigious firm provided us wide exposure which will be very useful in our future….!


Publishing Next Experience

-By Malaika Fernandes (TYBA)
The Publishing Next Conference was a remarkable platform for the Journalism students of St. Xavier’s College to gain on-the-job experience. It was held on the 16th and 17th of September, 2011 at International Centre Goa. Cinnamon Teal Publishing, Margao took a pioneering step in organizing the very first conference on future ideas in the publishing field. Noted speakers and panelists from various parts of Indiaas well as inventors from the UK, who were brought in by the British Council, made this conference an eventful one.
Over the two days of the conference, interesting and relevant issues were addressed. Sessions on Social media marketing, Digital books, Copyright issues, Translation markets and Independent publishing were conducted. We were provided with fascinating insights into this field. New ideas as well as existing challenges and developments were discussed by these professionals. Also, workshops on Academic Writing and Social Media Marketing broadened our spheres of knowledge and served as an amazing learning experience.
The 40 panelists included big names like James Bridle (UK), Mandira Sen (Kolkatta). Payal Kumar (SAGE, Delhi), Judith Oriol (France), Preeti Vyas and so on.
Lianne Caldeira (TYBA), Aliuska Lawrence (TYBA), Aliston Dias (SYBA) and I got the incredible opportunity to interact with the veterans of the publishing, marketing and distribution scene in the country. Our tasks included interviewing the panelists, transcribing each session and photography work. It was a difficult job but we definitely learned a lot from this experience and enjoyed ourselves as well. Ehrwin Fernandes and Ian D’souza from TYBA, Mass Communication were involved with filming the proceedings.