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Youth Today………

 By Jahnavi Samant, TYBA
There has always been a tussle between traditions and modernity and traditions have somehow managed to have an upper hand. The youth, more often than not, have been misunderstood by their elders, considered immature and inexperienced. The decisions and options are always debated when the youth have any inputs to offer. But what hangs about forgotten, is the power the youth have come to have have today; the power and the zeal to initiate revolutions, be it the future outcome of Anna’s fight against corruption or the simple result of our 2012 elections, it is the youth that will decide it all.
We embrace almost 38% of the country’s population. There is so much we can do and undo. How can we forget the change we made when we took the streets as our own in askance of the rights we were denied of? How can we forget the candles we lit in the protest of the Jessica Lal murder case? And how can we forget the agitation for Lokpal Bill, a connoted second fight for freedom that we were a part of?
The fact that we are considered the spine of our country is just a fact that remains obsolete. In a country where the 60+ politicians lie wasted and ruling, disdainful is the fact that the people who can really make a change are not given a stand at all. Gone are the days when Gandhi and Nehru called out to the youth to come and make a difference. Nothing seems to have changed.
The youth Nehru and Gandhi had called out to be in power, rule even today. But surprisingly, what they seem to have forgotten is that they aren’t the youth anymore. They have aged like you or me, no less.
The responsibility for change, progress and innovation lies on the youth today. We can make or break society. But in a country where a 40+ Rahul Gandhi is considered the ‘ voice of youth’ , the future is surely inchoate. All one can wish for is that the next time we go to vote, we find more names of youngsters who can make our country a better place to live in..