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Faculty from the School of Media Studies interact with U.S. Consulate

Faculty members from the Departments of Journalism and Mass Communication & Videography recently interacted with the Consulate of the United States of America through a group video-conference programme organized by the U.S. Consulate based in Chennai.

The main agenda of the programme was to create awareness about Journalism courses offered in the U.S. and how Indian students could apply for the same. Information Officer, Ms. Heera Kamboj briefed the participants (that included students from various other colleges in India) about the avenues open to students who wish to pursue Journalism courses in the U.S. Ms. Kamboj not only listed out the colleges/universities offering Journalism courses but also revealed how the students could avail for various loans and scholarships. 

The motive is basically to simplify the process of getting visa’s and putting in place other legal aspects for students who wish to apply for Journalism courses in the world’s most powerful country.

Students with a Bachelors degree in Journalism or Mass Communication can easily get through Post Graduate programmes in Journalism in the U.S.

The interaction with the members from the U.S. Consulate has enlightened the faculty members of the School of Media Studies about options open in the U.S. They are now in a position to brief students who wish to pursue higher education in Journalism in the U.S.