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In order to provide a practical feel of a television setup of a national television, the Departments of Journalism and Mass Communication organized a visit to Doordarshan for their final year students on 28th January 2015. The main idea behind this trip was to educate the students about the functioning of national channels.

Doordarshan, also known as DD, is the only Indian public service television broadcaster, a division of Prasar Bharati and is one of India’s laster broadcasting organisations in terms of studio and transmitter infrastructure.

To enrich the students with some useful information, the staff of Doordarshan introduced their various departments like PCR, Studio and Transmitter Hall to the students. In the PCR department they showed the PCR functions like the Camera setup, Character Generator, monitoring of Cameras and how all the programmes are displayed. In the Studio they briefed about the news system, news anchoring, the camera functions and also informed the kind of programmes they produce in the studio like Health, Dramas, Interviews etc. Lastly, in the Transmitter Hall, the students were introduced to various transmitters used to transmit the programmes produced by DD.

The students who eventually had a wonderful learning experience, were accompanied by out teachers Ms. Vailarose Fernandes, Mr. Anzil Fernandes and Mr. Dinesh Nirawdekar.




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