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Being ‘The Goan’

Our students recently visited the office of ‘The Goan on Saturday’ one of India’s best selling weeklies. Here is what our student Svetlana Pereira had to say about her experience and what they did there.

at the goan officeAs we walked through the doors of ‘The Goan on Saturday’ we were greeted with smiling faces into the well-designed office and workaholic atmosphere. As the students of Department of Journalism were given the unique opportunity to work with ‘The Goan on Saturday’ and to produce the page named the ‘Big Common Room,’ we began brainstorming in the room aptly named ‘The Bulb,’ for new and fresh ideas. The opportunity of working with The Goan for two days gave us an avenue to look into how a news organisation works. Right from creating content to preparing the final layout of a page, we got the first-hand experience of it. We interacted with professionals who were very supportive and did not hesitate to guide us on various issues. Values and prized knowledge have been the important pieces of experience we took home with us. And we now look forward to have another opportunity to work with this esteemed news organisation.