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Media Tour: Day 2

Pragati Offset Pvt Ltd
IMG_1817The second day at Hyderabad started with much more enthusiasm. Our first stop was at the most awarded print company in India, Pragati Offset Pvt Ltd. Established in 1962, Pragati (which means Progress) strongly believes that quality is the corner stone of all that they do. And that is exactly what we  experienced.

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                                                                                                                                                                                         Cutting-edge technology and efficient teamwork were the hallmark traits that were evidently visible during our visit. A walk through the printing press enlightened the students on the entire process of offset printing.

Followed by the visit at Hyderabad Central University, pumped in the much need academic approach the field of mass media. The sucess and their dedication to their Community Radio Bol Hyderabad 90.4 FM was a sign and a motivation to rekindle our every own Voice of Xaviers 90.4 FM. 

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Kala Jyothi
And final visit was at Kala Jyothi a multicolour offset printing company which is one of South India’s largest commercial printing companies which specialises in all forms of offset printing. Though established in 1949 Kala Jyothi believes in innovation and excellence.


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Our student Millusha Fernandes has a deeper way to share the experience gathered at the places we visited today. A must read!

After a heavy South Indian breakfast we hopped on to our bus and meandered through the busy streets of Hyderabad to the first destination on our schedule – Pragati Printing Press.

Founded back in the 1960s by Shri. Paruchuri Hanumantha Rao, Pragati has grown impressively over the years. The awards displayed in their lobby flaunts not only its success at being the best but also of being the only establishment to recycle all of discarded material. As an offset printing press they deal with printing of packages, posters, brochures and calendars.

For someone who’s only read about printing processes in text books I was awestruck looking at the kind of technology and machinery they used. An elaborate three stage printing process, heavy machinery and a skilled staff all contribute to Pragati’s end quality product (‘quality’ being their hallmark).

I was rather intimidated with the fact that I would have to interview the Managing Director of Pragati – Mr. Narendra Paruchuri, but he was more jovial than I’d expected (a better synonym for ‘jovial’?). We appreciated the time he took off from his busy schedule to speak to us even though we weren’t exactly from the print production background.

The witty man, he had a lot of humorous anecdotes to share with us. His mantra is simple – impress no one but yourself, compete with no one but the person you were yesterday, and most importantly be honest with yourself (his exact words were “don’t Bullshit yourself); the rest will all fall to place.

We left the building with something to really think about, AND a beautiful 3D book called “My India” – A gift to the department by Mr. Narendra.

After a quick meal we hit the road once again and made our way across town to – KALA JYOTI that has been in the printing business for over 60 years. They initially began with Newspapers although of late, due to the industry demands, they’ve switched to printing magazines and packaging.

A slightly larger establishment, Kala JYOTI handles printing for some of the best and popular tabloids in the market like Forbes, Outlook, Better Photography, and Fortune, to name a few. Once again we were taken behind the scenes to witness how simple metallic encrypted sheets were processed to print 42000 sheets per hour all bound and packed to become the tabloids we see on the newsstands.

It’s true what they say –  studying it out of a textbook and witnessing it all in action are two entirely different ways of learning , and the department manages to give us both (even if it means taking us to another state so we can see it on a larger scale.)

Another tiring day no doubt, but I’m excited for tomorrow.



Media Tour @ Hyderabad flags off

Day 1 – After a month long of hard work and late night studies, the students of Journalism and Mass Communication where rewarded with the most awaited media tour to Hyderabad. And here is what Sydelle and Ankitha have to say on their first day of media tour.

Visit to Nutshell Advertising Agency

So they call it the Nutfolio – A record of the work they do. Quirky and cool these bunch of people at Nutshell (an ad agency based in Hyderabad) are. The agency, headed by the young couple Shalini and Siddharth deals with print advertising, in-store graphics, branding, website designing and yeah the regular stuff that every ad agency or most do. But there’s this different blend of a formula that this team of piquant enthusiasts use to get their ideas out there into the populace. They believe in minimalism and flat design while creating any persuasive matter of sorts. Most of their work makes a minimalistic yet prolific use of colours that I personally thought was brilliant because of its perfect execution.

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Our visit to the agency shot of with Vijay (graphic designer) explaining to us the process of branding and advertising, followed by a brief, why and wherefore by Shalini and Siddharth. A walk through the office and an introduction of the workforce gave us an idea of where the utterly creative ideas came from.

This brief visit in my opinion gave us glimpse into the real world of advertising and what it takes to run a start up like Nutshell.

No education can teach you to be creative. None at all in fact! It can be the simplest of ideas, through extensive research and a current affair updated mind that can lead to a mind-boggling break through, that the ‘nuts’ at Nutshell call ‘Get cracking, Get people talking.’ Education can teach you about what is being done till date in this field and about the technicalities that we need to know about. But it is up to you to keep in mind what you’ve learnt as well as get out-of-the-box and original. As Siddarth says, ‘Learn to unlearn!’

Visit to Maa TV and Annapurna Studios.

Well, well, well! Getting up early morning at 5:00 has been a real pain since the past one month due to exams. But today was something different. Our train to the City of Nawabs managed to keep us awake last night, but that wasn’t enough to kill our excitement and joy. Probably it wasn’t the new place or new people that fascinated me but the fact that after two and a half years of togetherness we were finally out in a city to explore the fun side to education. WOAH!!!

We all come with certain stereotypes and beliefs that refuse to change at all times. I was stuck with one too, ‘REGIONAL channels are not great.’

But this definitely changed with the visit to Maa TV. I must say that my dream of getting into TV production has only become clearer with this visit.

Mr. Victor, the Asst. General manager for programming at Maa TV was very enthusiastic in telling us more about the field. Their budgets, formats, equipment’s and above all their knowledge and experience were the factors that got me more interested.

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I am not a great fan of what we refer to dhin –chak colours, but Annapurna Studios did get me thinking on that. Though it seemed bright and irrelevant to me at first, hardwork and creativity did say hi by the end of it.

By the end of the day I realised that what we spend just an hour on our television screens have months of work put together. So thanks to Mr. Victor, his team and definitely our faculty members for this experience. CHEERS to the rest of the days to come.

This is just the beginning. A whole new set of experiences await our students tomorrow. 




J.B. Bras shares his experience at Radio Indigo

The Department of Journalism undertakes various activities for the nurturing of its students. And each of these activities impact our students in various ways. Our recent visit to the Radio Indigo Station seems to have had an effect on our very own Angolan student J.B. Bras . He narrates his experience:

12Technology is a curse when it’s used for the wrong purpose but it’s a blessing otherwise.

Being a regular listener to the radio, I always wondered how the whole process of producing a radio program works; right from news, music programs and everything else that we hear on radio.

As part of our curriculum at the department of Journalism, St. Xavier’s College, we had a visit to Radio Indigo Station. Here is where most of my queries regarding the functioning of a radio station were answered. I had the chance to learn and witness closely how a Radio Station operates. That was awesome!!!

Most of us think the RJ or news presenter is the most important person in the radio station as they are more prominent. But we don’t realize that there are other professionals and departments, which are sustaining the pillars of the radio station. Professionals from Marketing, Public Relation, IT, Production also play a very important role in a radio station.

During the visit, we were taken to different departments, where we learnt practically the whole process of producing a radio program. Just to add more enthusiasm on my stay at the Radio Indigo Studio, I was given the opportunity to go on air and amazingly witness the creativity of RJ Ayesha Baretto. I also learnt the art of multi- tasking for a radio show.

I was never so fascinated about radio as I am now. After this experience, I feel I should just work for a while in a Radio Station.

Way to go Bras! The sky is a limit for you.

To dwell into the thoughts of Bras, follow his blog Beyond Motivation.