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St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa – Goa

Founded by the Archdiocese of Goa in June 1963, St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa has been providing yeomen service to the society even since it’s inception. Thousands of students have passed through the portals of this institution during the last 50 years and they recall with nostalgia the days spent in this college, and the salutary impact it had on their lives. Mediocrity abounds everywhere, especially when quality is not monitored. St. Xavier’s College has been always in the forefront in providing quality education, leading to synthesis of the head, heart and spirit. This contribution of Xavier’s has been recognized at All India level and UGC awarded St. Xavier’s College the status of “College with Potential for Excellence”.

St. Xavier’s has also been the pioneers in introducing media courses in the state of Goa by offering Bachelor of Arts courses in Journalism and Mass Communication.

The college excels in academics and bags top honors in sports and cultural activities within the state as well as at the national level.


Department of Journalism 

The Department of Journalism came into existence in 2006. The purpose of the journalism study is to provide students with knowledge and skills to become a successful Journalist. Establishing a career in journalism begins with studying the profession in college, along with professional experience prior to entering the workforce, hence getting on-the-job experience is an essential part of preparing for a career in journalism field. The department, through the internship programme with the leading Media houses in Goa, gives the opportunity to its student to put their knowledge into practice and intern with Print Media or Electronic Media for a period of One Month during the winter break.

The course BA in Journalism is spread across six semesters with 18 specialized papers in journalism. The journalism study encompasses not only news writing or editing in the print media but also in electronic media with its specialized papers on Radio Broadcast Journalism, TV Broadcast Journalism. etc. For more details on Course Structure click here.


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