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Course Details


Course structure for B.A. in Journalism

Semester I- F.Y.B.A.
Core Course: English
DSC 1A: Introduction to Journalism
DSC 2A: Mass Communication
DSC 3A: Introduction to Multimedia
AECC: English/ MIL/ E.V.S.
GE: Marketing Management

Semester II- F.Y.B.A.
Core Course: English
DSC 1B: News Gathering
DSC 2B: Mass Communication
DSC 3B: Introduction to Public Relations
AECC: English/ MIL/ E.V.S.
GE: Goan Heritage

Semester III- S.Y.B.A.
AECC: English
DSC 1C: Journalism – Reporting & Feature Writing
DSC 2C: Mass Communication
DSC 3C: TV Anchoring
SEC: Art Appreciation/Event Management/Audio Production
GE: Psychology

Semester IV- S.Y.B.A.
AECC: English
DSC 1D: Journalism – Editing
DSC 2D: Mass Communication
DSC 3D: Global Media
SEC: Digital Photography / Performing Arts / Fashion Communication & Journalism
GE: Sociology / Psychology

Semester V – T.Y.B.A.

Paper I:   History of the Press
Paper II: Press Laws and Ethics
Paper II : Magazine and Niche Journalism I
Paper IV: Photojournalism
Paper V: Radio Journalism
Paper VI: Online Journalism

Semester VI – T.Y.B.A.
Paper VII: Production
Paper VII: News Media Management
Paper IX: Television Journalism
Paper X: Magazine and Niche Journalism II
Paper XI: Indian Regional Journalism
Paper XII: New Media

Project: Produce a News Magazine

Other learning opportunities:

  • Students are encouraged to take up internships with media organization during the summer/winter breaks.
  • Journalism students produces a quarterly newsletter Xavier’sPost towards which the students have to contribute news stories and photographs of the various activities organized by the college.
  • Assignments on media-related topics like reporting, editing, news anchoring, pagination, blogging, web-designing and many more.
  • Students are taken on regular field visits to media organization to understand their set-up and working style.
  • Participation in various seminars, conferences, film festivals and other learning platforms.

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