J.B. Bras shares his experience at Radio Indigo

The Department of Journalism undertakes various activities for the nurturing of its students. And each of these activities impact our students in various ways. Our recent visit to the Radio Indigo Station seems to have had an effect on our very own Angolan student J.B. Bras . He narrates his experience:

12Technology is a curse when it’s used for the wrong purpose but it’s a blessing otherwise.

Being a regular listener to the radio, I always wondered how the whole process of producing a radio program works; right from news, music programs and everything else that we hear on radio.

As part of our curriculum at the department of Journalism, St. Xavier’s College, we had a visit to Radio Indigo Station. Here is where most of my queries regarding the functioning of a radio station were answered. I had the chance to learn and witness closely how a Radio Station operates. That was awesome!!!

Most of us think the RJ or news presenter is the most important person in the radio station as they are more prominent. But we don’t realize that there are other professionals and departments, which are sustaining the pillars of the radio station. Professionals from Marketing, Public Relation, IT, Production also play a very important role in a radio station.

During the visit, we were taken to different departments, where we learnt practically the whole process of producing a radio program. Just to add more enthusiasm on my stay at the Radio Indigo Studio, I was given the opportunity to go on air and amazingly witness the creativity of RJ Ayesha Baretto. I also learnt the art of multi- tasking for a radio show.

I was never so fascinated about radio as I am now. After this experience, I feel I should just work for a while in a Radio Station.

Way to go Bras! The sky is a limit for you.

To dwell into the thoughts of Bras, follow his blog Beyond Motivation.

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Journos @ Radio Indigo 91.9 FM

In order to emphasise the importance of Radio and enable its students to understand the same, the Department of Journalism organized a visit to Indigo 91.9 FM station for its final year students recently.

RJ Ayesha Baretto, gave the students valuable information on how a private radio station works. They got to learn how an RJ needs to be prompt and creative at the same time. Some students also got the opportunity to go ON AIR with RJ Ayesha.

During the visit Ashvek Naik, Branch Head of Indigo 91.9 FM gave an insightful talk on how the programming and sales teams of the radio station work hand in hand. The visit also included a tour around different sections of the station and practical demonstration of sound editing. The field trip was part of their ‘Radio Journalism’ paper.

Here’s a glimpse of what they did there.


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Voices – Meconnu

‘Voices’ is a magazine produced by the TYBA Journalism students of St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa – Goa as part of their final year project. This edition of Voices titled ‘Meconnu…unsung melodies of Goa’, has been written, edited and designed by Ms. Louanne Dias, Ms. Venita Gomes and Ms. Myola Jones. The magazine dwells into stories of Goa and Goans that haven’t been heard of in the past.


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Being ‘The Goan’

Our students recently visited the office of ‘The Goan on Saturday’ one of India’s best selling weeklies. Here is what our student Svetlana Pereira had to say about her experience and what they did there.

at the goan officeAs we walked through the doors of ‘The Goan on Saturday’ we were greeted with smiling faces into the well-designed office and workaholic atmosphere. As the students of Department of Journalism were given the unique opportunity to work with ‘The Goan on Saturday’ and to produce the page named the ‘Big Common Room,’ we began brainstorming in the room aptly named ‘The Bulb,’ for new and fresh ideas. The opportunity of working with The Goan for two days gave us an avenue to look into how a news organisation works. Right from creating content to preparing the final layout of a page, we got the first-hand experience of it. We interacted with professionals who were very supportive and did not hesitate to guide us on various issues. Values and prized knowledge have been the important pieces of experience we took home with us. And we now look forward to have another opportunity to work with this esteemed news organisation.


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In order to provide a practical feel of a television setup of a national television, the Departments of Journalism and Mass Communication organized a visit to Doordarshan for their final year students on 28th January 2015. The main idea behind this trip was to educate the students about the functioning of national channels.

Doordarshan, also known as DD, is the only Indian public service television broadcaster, a division of Prasar Bharati and is one of India’s laster broadcasting organisations in terms of studio and transmitter infrastructure.

To enrich the students with some useful information, the staff of Doordarshan introduced their various departments like PCR, Studio and Transmitter Hall to the students. In the PCR department they showed the PCR functions like the Camera setup, Character Generator, monitoring of Cameras and how all the programmes are displayed. In the Studio they briefed about the news system, news anchoring, the camera functions and also informed the kind of programmes they produce in the studio like Health, Dramas, Interviews etc. Lastly, in the Transmitter Hall, the students were introduced to various transmitters used to transmit the programmes produced by DD.

The students who eventually had a wonderful learning experience, were accompanied by out teachers Ms. Vailarose Fernandes, Mr. Anzil Fernandes and Mr. Dinesh Nirawdekar.



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St. Xavier’s College win laurels in Mangaluru

St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa recently emerged runners-up at ‘Media Manthan 2015’ – a UGC sponsored seminar organized by St. Aloysius College, Mangaluru on the 16th and 17th of January.

Students from the departments of Mass Communication and Journalism came together to form part of the Xavierite team. The Mapusa-based college won the first place in the mime competition and second place in the Quiz. Photography and Live News Reporting were among the other competitions conducted.

The theme for the event was ‘Changing News Landscapes’ around which most of the competitions were held.

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