The Computer Lab:

DSC_0032The Department has a well-equipped Computer Lab which comprises of 20 computers where students are trained in:
• Graphic Designing
• Web Designing
• Video Editing
• Audio Editing

During the three year degree course students are learning the following software’s in computer lab:
• QuarkXPress, CorelDraw,
• Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premier Pro, Audacity
• Microsoft Office, PowerPoint

Audio-Video Studio:

IMG_6137The state-of-the art TV studio is home to the media production facilities. This particular room has professional high resolution HD Video Camera, studio lighting and a control room.  The adjoining control room also boasts an Audio Recording Studio which is mostly used to produce in house Radio Docudrama, talk shows etc.  The studio also has handy cams and the DSLR Cameras which are used for professional photography. The Audio-Video studio is mostly used in the papers of Photojournalism, Broadcast Journalism I (Radio Journalism) and in Broadcast Journalism II (TV Journalism)


The Classrooms offers facilities of Screens and overhead projectors to facilitate interactive teaching. It also provides access to WIFI internet facility for teachers, which is mostly used to discuss the breaking news with students.


The library has a substantial collection of all major Journalism related books from Print, Electronic to Online Journalism. The Library also subscribes to several Newspapers and News Magazines.  In addition to main college library, we also have departmental library boasting sizable collection of books which are used by faculty and students.  The departmental library also owns few journalism related movies and documentaries.


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